CraftCMS Password Generator

So you're trying to login to the admin panel but can't remember what the password is.

You have access to the database but need a hashed password to insert into it.

Luckily for you, the generator below has you covered. 😀

Enter the password that you want to use e.g. 'password'.

Quick Passwords

Password Hashed Password
password $2y$13$U/SK/GrCZH7qXHY8zztwTOE.Qrsj9BK8X72VwN7B6PK0fJAitQ5au
admin $2y$13$QGycz2JvSXek1U4tkcQYr.NZR.hzGtWs1phfajD32u6BxaCjIkV5C
user $2y$13$dKONpx.zD5A5lfKVcbIq6.2CTuHRgjPPibdEOMF8VK3J/StMApOEm
craftcms $2y$13$.2X4qOW5C099t7hBqiVydOJsO.JmyDeRLdgdEIxf3qnHK5dMywsiW

CLI Version

Prefer to do these things via CLI instead?

Run the following in your terminal (click to copy):

cd ~
curl -O
echo 'alias craftpwgen="php ~/craftcmspwgen.php"' >> ~/.bash_profile

Once you've reloaded your terminal you can then generate a hashed password by running:

craftpwgen PASSWORD